FaWooLoSo v1

WooCommerce integration with Invoices In Cloud
(also e-Invoice)


The FAWOOLOSO plugin has been discontinued and cannot be purchased. As of January 2023, the Cloud Invoices team has withdrawn support for v1 of their API, with which the plugin was developed. For development or integration requests with the v2 API you can contact us at [email protected]

Do you use WooCommerce and Invoices In Cloud and would like to link them?

Do you want to adapt WooCommerce to Italian law and have the VAT and CF fields activated?

Do you want a fast and inexpensive way to issue electronic invoices?

To solve the problems of many professionals and companies, we have developed software that allows you to integrate the WooCommerce e-commerce platform with the invoicing program Invoices In Cloud and to overcome the problem of missing fields for VAT and CF.
WooCommerce is the most widely used WordPress open source e-commerce platform for creating online shops quickly and easily. Invoices In Cloud is a service that allows you to manage and generate invoices, as well as control expenses and credits. What these systems have in common is their widespread use and ease of use.
The problem? Until now, WooCommerce and Invoices In Cloud did not talk to each other, increasing your workload in order to synchronise your online shop with your invoicing software.

How to connect Woo Commerce and Invoices In Cloud, so that every sale made on your e-commerce automatically generates an invoice with the ERP you already use?
How to adapt WooCommerce to Italian VAT and CF regulations?
How to issue XML Electronic Invoices to be sent to the interchange centre?
We have developed a software which allows you to do all this. With the plugin you can:

  • Integrate the two systems so that invoices are automatically generated in Invoices In Cloud for each order received in WooCommerce.
  • make it available and compulsory to fill in the VAT and CF fields
  • How does the plugin work? How is it installed?

    No problem installing your plugin: we will install it directly into your Wordpress CMS. In this way, we will also carry out tests to ensure that it works optimally right from the start. Alternatively, you can choose to install the software yourself, thanks to our tutorial.

    How much does it cost?

    The plugin costs € 199 + VAT/year for each site requiring this software.

    Does it also work with Electronic Invoices?

    Almost there! We are working with Invoices in Cloud to finish the adaptation to electronic invoicing. Checkout users will then be asked for their PEC address and recipient code or SID to send them the invoice directly in XML format via the interchange centre.