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Hourly package service

The hourly package assistance service was created to provide greater freedom regarding the choice of how to dispose of the hours you have, have clear and transparent reporting of them, and ensure that you reserve resources over time.

What are the hours of availability of technical support?

Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

What kind of assistance is provided?

Hourly assistance can be used for:

  • On-site assistance
  • General consulting on web marketing, copy writing and digital strategy activities
  • Response to questions and queries
  • Training in the use of the services offered
  • Framework, platform, API and external synchronization updates
  • Improvement and evolutionary activities
  • Other activities can be arranged with their contact persons
How do I open a service request?

Writing to the contact person for your project at [email protected]

How should the request for assistance be formulated?

Requests must be received via email. A single technical assistance request must be contained in each email.

What if the activities have already been defined?

Then the SocialCities team will take care to open the Monday dashboard by marking the previously agreed activities. Any extra activities can be entered into the Monday dashboard only if there is a remaining time compatible with the activity.

What if the change is urgent?

It will have to be specified within the email and this will result in three times the actual hourly expenditure.

I have purchased an hourly package and the requirements have already been previously agreed upon. I still have time available, how does this work?

No problem!

  1. For Minor Requests (that fall within 30 minutes of activity) will be activated automatically, using the available hours of the time package. The activity will be entered within the Monday dashboard labeled (extra) and will proceed exactly as all other change requests.
  2. For larger Requests (exceeding 30 minutes of activity), it will be the SocialCities Team's concern to request confirmation, informing that the total time for all activities may later be insufficient for the completion of changes.
In any case, it will be possible to make changes Only if there is a compatible hourly residual With the required activity.

What happens when the hours end?

At the end of the hourly package, the Monday dashboard will be closed and the client will be provided with an Excel spreadsheet copy with the list of activities done with the SocialCities team.

Within how long will the activity I requested be carried out?

Requests for assistance will be taken within 5 working days. Once an hourly estimate is received, it will be the client's decision whether or not to start the activity.

I sent a support request asking for the content of a web page to be replaced, but I realized* that the content I sent is wrong. What can I do about it?

We ask the utmost care when a request for assistance is opened to avoid having to trash work just done by the SocialCities team. In this case it is the same activity but to be replicated, so it will be the SocialCities team's concern to redo a new hourly estimate.


All hourly packages include access to the reporting dashboard at

What is the Monday dashboard?

Monday's dashboard is a digital tool used by the SocialCities Team to manage Hourly Assistance type contracts. The dashboard is shared with the client in the initial start-up phase of the project and noted within it are:

  • Agreed activities
  • Person who will be in charge of the activities
  • Activity processing status, by the SocialCities team.
  • Approval or non-approval of the activity, by the client
  • Estimated time for completion of activities
  • Actual time used for activities
  • Date by which activities will be completed, rigid or flexible depending on agreement with client

How can I access the Monday dashboard ?

Once you start the project and open the dashboard, the SocialCities team will send you an email where you will find all the directions to register and access Monday directly.

What is of my management in the Monday dashboard ?

You are initially responsible for approving or not approving the estimated time spent on different activities.