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January 20, 2023

SocialCities group acquires Mavigex s.r.l.

On Dec. 20, 2022, SocialCities s.r.l., a web agency and software house based in Imola, concluded the acquisition of Mavigex s.r.l., a Bologna-based software development company. As a consequence of this union, we will see, as early as the first months of 2023, a concentration of skills and reference sectors for both entities.
June 17, 2020

SocialCities, The Hive's technical partner in Web development

A collaboration between Ancona incubator The Hive and the SocialCities team has begun. But what is it all about? The first contact with this interesting reality had occurred during the Web Marketing Festival in Rimini. During that occasion LocalJob, our proprietary app, was awarded with "The Hive - internationalization award." [...]
September 18, 2018

SocialCities: brand and logo restyling. Discover the behind-the-scenes

Over the years the image of SocialCities has changed a lot, a consequence of continuous growth. In this article we will tell about the latest change in the company logo, which took place in 2018. 2018: brand restyling? Dear old yes, we had grown fond of it, but it no longer met a number of needs and it was time to [...]
July 23, 2018

Journey into the world of the web: the protagonists of our storytelling

We would like to introduce you to the characters we have chosen to narrate our web and marketing consulting work: Little Man DiWood and Astronaut. The two have different views on technology and new media, as is evident from their first meeting, images of which you will find below, but both have one goal: to make [...]
May 7, 2014

Rebranding & Restyle: the brand identity of SocialCities

Closely with the establishment of SocialCities s.r.l., we decided to implement a total rebranding in order to better convey what this company means to us and what our goals are. SocialCities means quality, internationality and professionalism. We want to embrace every project, whether it is our own or a client's, with [...]