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March 16, 2022

Custom control panels: user management and data visualization

When might there be a need for a custom control panel for a certain software? Let's start with a general consideration and then go on to look at specific cases. The theory Nothing simpler: chaos. We have a lot of data to manage, it exists in our database in some form, but [...]
December 14, 2021

Frontend framework

As websites for use by the general public have become more numerous, the needs of visitors to these sites have also increased. Web technologies have evolved to meet them: increasingly intense traffic loads, distributed data retrieval across numerous servers, cloud solutions, [...]
November 24, 2021

Django vs Laravel: frameworks compared

As we saw in the Python vs. PHP article when developing a web project you can take many paths. Once you have chosen a programming language and set up a server, it is very easy to open a blank file and start publishing something. Let's imagine that we want to develop a Web site. In PHP for example, [...]
October 5, 2021

Python vs PHP: which language to choose for your web or app project?

When it comes to making a website, or in general any software that is published and managed on an online server, one is faced with a large number of possible choices: where do I start? What is the best tool to make it? After all, what is the difference? [...]