Web Marketing Agency: Strategy, Reporting, SEO, AdWords, Social Media Management, Lead Generation…and more

Web marketing represents a concrete and measurable possibility for companies to build customer loyalty and to attract new customers thanks to lead generation campaigns.

Why concrete? Because of hundreds of successful case studies, our clients and others that have clearly demonstrated that marketing is an effective instrument to make your business grow. As a matter of fact, it allows your business to stand out. Nowadays, you need much more than providing a good product or service to sell. 

Why measurable? The fear of many companies is entrusting themselves to consultants that  they are not sure “what thay do”. Thanks to the web analytics all what we do can be traced and the regular data reporting of SEO campaigns, lead generation, advertising and social media management ensures the greatest data sharing. In this way, our team can provide you with a full insight of the strategy adopted and develop further improvements to it.

Our web marketing approach.

  • We build solid marketing strategies for your business, able to foster an increase in website conversions.
  • We plan every single aspect of your presence on social media, including advertising campaigns.
  • We carry out reports to measure and share performances.

In the marketing plan of any company the digital world is now of utmost importance. SEO, SEM, AdWords, Analytics, Facebook Adv, lead generation, digital PR, social media management and e-mail marketing are some of the tools enabling your company to be successful in the web world, whether your company is small-size or large-size. Over the years, we have worked for work realities very different from each other in terms of size, budget and area of business. This has enabled us to gain experience in multiple areas of work. 

Is your web marketing strategy effective enough?

Analysis is the starting point to improve your company’s online presence.

Fill in the self-assessment questionnaire to spot your company’s strengths and weaknesses in the web. With the questionnaire you will able to:

  • carry out a self-analysis of the use of your corporate online channels (the form consist of 4 sections: website, social networks, advertising campaigns and lead nurturing)
  • get a score to measure your strategy’s effectiveness
  • receive an email from our marketing team giving you a couple of tips. 

After filling in the form, give us your contact details in order to get your score and our tips .

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You can contact us for small or big projects, for a single service or for an entire strategy.

Based on your needs and objectives, we can offer you guidance in a single area of web marketing (e.g. to improve your website positioning or to mange a campaign), or in the entire digital area.

You can choose us as your partners for a long-lasting relationships. Clearly, a long-term project allow our team to get to know deeply your company and product, so that we can promote them more and more effectively.

You can choose otherwise to entrust us with a project and, over time, to become independent and manage it autonomously. In this case, we offer you lesson packages enabling you to gain the expertise necessary to make it on your own.

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The only thing Marketing can’t do for your company is making morning coffee. Or can it…?


agenzia web marketing Bologna Imola

Web Marketing encompasses multifold specialisations. Let’s see in detail the main ones .

The success of a web site dependes on its visibility in search engines (especially Google). SocialCities provide you with  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals, able to find solutions to improve your website positioning in SERP. The optimization requires both technical and content revision.
Search Engine Optimization: a eye-catching website is useless, if nobody see it.

Seo deals with the optimization of web sites’ content and structure in order to make it appear high on the list of results in search engine. The fundamental steps to realize a correct optimisation of your website are:

  • seeking the most suited keywords to your targent and business
  • optimizing content and structure of your website
  • analysing technical performance of your website, such as the loading speed

SEO is able to generate organic traffic . Organic traffic is important because it is highly qualified: it is users who have made a research that leaded them to your site and for whom you didn’t have to invest on advertisement. Leggi di più per approfondire l’argomento SEO.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a term used to describe any marketing initiatives involving search engines. When we talk about  SEM, we refert to Google AdWords, banners, pay per click campaigns, display network, lead generation.
Through paid advertising you get immediate visibility and the possibility to intercept customers while performing a specific search online. In fact, advertising on search engines, unlike that on social media or offline, enables users to find your product just when they are  searching for it.

For us SEM activities should follow some fundamental steps:

  • learning more about your company , the services offered and the target
  • spotting the campaign goal (branding? lead generation? sales boost? with what percentages? with what  budget?)
  • identifying user search intent  and the most effective key words and ads to generate conversions
  • creating effective landing pages with a precise objective
  • ongoing monitoring  and improvement of campaigns
  • producing reports to share with you to ensure transparency in the results obtained

Leggi di più sulle campagne on-line.

Social media is a thorny ground because of the risk of managing them like personal pages (a serious mistake) and because every communication error is immediately visible (and by many people). Howerver, if used with professionalism, they can be an incomparable place to get in touch with fans (and others) of your company.
In order for social media to become a resource, it is necessary to have an analysis, a strategy, an editorial plan and reports to monitor results.

It is our marketing team’s job to analyse your target and the quality of your presence in social media, propose solutions to reach your business goals, manage your corporate image and set up advertising on social media.
Social media is not just a showcase or a place where you can hope to sell without any effort. As the name suggests, it is a fabric of relationships, a social environment where it’s necessary to communicate with users, responding to their messages and welcoming their requests as much as possible.
In SocialCities we deal with both the management of strategies to bring organic traffic to your company (free of charge) and the creation of Facebook Ads, Instagrams Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Youtube Ads to promote your company and reach a wider audience.

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With Direct E-mail Marketing (DEM) is meant the activity based on sending newsletters to a list of selected and targeted users.

“Selected and targeted” precisely because it is important not to become annoying spammers. Only messages with important content for interested people should be sent. This is why we take care of the whole process: from the ways to collect new contacts, to the creation of valuable messages. The software we use always allows us to have reports that track the percentage of communications openings and users who have taken some action (eg, click on a link).

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How often do you receive flyers, e-mails, messages and phone calls that do not interest you? Employing your company’s endeavors to contact hundreds, thousands of people with the hope of making some sales is a waste of time and resources.
Inbound marketing allows you to be ready, visible and interesting when a user expresses an interest or intention to purchase.
Content Marketing is part of an effective Inbound Marketing strategy, as it creates valuable content for the target audience and increases the chances of coming into contact with highly engaged users. Therefore, they enhance the chances of converting these users into customers.

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Building, taking care of or refreshing a brand’s identity is one of the most complex and delicate jobs: the tone of voice of your company communicationìs strategy and the image that the consumer will have of the company depend on this.
For branding activities, we use all web marketing tools and work in close collaboration with the marketing team or the owner of the Client Company. Indeed, it is a task that must be well coordinated and homogeneous on all channels. Thanks to our team of designers, we also have the possibility to create or rework your brand image and to provide you with a style manual ready for use.

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Come miglioriamo visibilità e conversioni della tua azienda


Google AdWords

Farsi conoscere, vendere un prodotto, promuovere un servizio o un’offerta. Usiamo Google AdWords in maniera mirata e personalizzata per ogni obiettivo


Google Analytics

L’analisi e reportistica è una parte importante del nostro lavoro. Grazie a Google Analytics possiamo tracciare e analizzare metriche dettagliate su tutti gli aspetti di un sito web.



Il monitoraggio di competitor, parole chiave, posizionamenti e migliorie da apportare passa da molte piattaforme di analisi, tra cui SeoZoom. Utilizziamo tutti gli strumenti a disposizione per elaborare strategie vincenti.


Facebook Ads

E’ il social network più utilizzato al mondo e dispone di una quantità inimmaginabile di dati sugli utenti. Usiamo questo strumento dandoti chiare prospettive e scegliendo budget ed obiettivi adatti alla tua realtà.


Linkedin Ads

Rappresenta la più grande rete professionale al mondo. Usiamo questo strumento per campagne mirate a raggiungere professionisti in maniera profilata.


Instagram Ads

Strumento adatto ad alcune realtà per aumentare notorietà del brand e coinvolgimento, Instagram e le pubblicità su Instagram sono parte di una forte strategia on-line.