SocialCities’ team stems from a team of developers and digital strategists and, therefore, the most important field of our company is the ad hoc software development. Whether a management software, an e-commerce platform, a plugin or other, we provide our own custom-made solutions.

Based on your budget and your enquiries, we can help you choose between an already-developed platform – taking care of its customisation so that it fits your company’s needs – and a custom-made system.

How do we develop the software suited to your company?

  • We analyse your needs in order to help you choose the most suitable solution.
  • We use the latest and finest programming languages and technologies.
  • We test the product in each development phase to ensure its smooth running.

A web software is a product that needs to be customised as much as possible based on your requirements. For this reason it is essential that you have clear from the very beginning all the functionalities it needs to have and are able to foresee its potential future implementations.

How can you be sure that our work will live up to your expectations?

Our softwares are developed using the finest languages and the latest technologies in order to deliver a product that matches your ambitions.

In the planning phase, we realize mockups, wireframes and prototypes which enable to get a preview of the final result to improve or implement the project and to carry out usability tests.

During the software development process, our team specialists create diverse intermediate releases which are produced only following extensive testing (also together with the client).

Which programming languages are used by our team?

For the backend, the languages and frameworks used are: Python, PHP, Django, PostgreSQL.

For the frontend, our developers use: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS.

We developers don’t like words, we prefer codes. So if you’ve got a software to develop, we will be more than happy to sit at our PCs and start creating.



PHP and Python

On the server side, we use the finest programming languages in order to offer you the best communication and query with databases. 

MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB

These are three of the best Database Management Systems, which enable the creation, manipulation and query of dates. They host and manage the Database. 

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap

They are at the basis of a site front-end development. They represent the bones and muscles of a body that enable the visualization of a website from any device: smartphone, pc and tablet. 

JQuery and Angular.JS

A dynamic site offers a better User Experience and allow users not to change pages everytime they do an action. This is why we use JQuery and AngularJs to make pages dynamic.

UX and Design

Whoever thinks that design and UX are not everything in a website is completely wrong. Managing to plan something functional is our job. Even a minor detail, a particular animation or a simple colour choice can make the difference. If users can’t understand how to navigate through pages or read a certain writing it’s all fault of a bad Design and an even worst User Experience.

Ad hoc development

SocialCities’ team stems from a team of developers and digital strategists. Therefore, ad hoc software development has always been one of our most important field. If you’re looking for custom-made solutions, we are just perfect for you.