The new star of WordPress hosting solutions

We have planned and designed a server infrastructure for WordPress and WooCommerce. Speed and security off the charts to offer you and your customers the best experience.

Why should you choose a wordpress hosting? WordPress was born out of the will to have a self-publishing system, smart and well-structured, built thanks to PHP and MySQL and licensed by GPL. Over time several themes and plugins have been published and WordPress has constantly released new versions and updates. This is the reason why it is essential to have a web hosting plan that can keep peace with WordPress’s mutability. Each hosting plan optimized for this CMS is activated/enabled on devices specifically configured and aiming for the best performances.

If you are working using WordPress and you are responsible of server configuration you already know that this CMS uses LAMP from the beginning. LAMP stack is a physical, virtual and cloud server, based on the Linux OS, Apache web server, MySQL database and on PHP programming language. This is why they used the acronym LAMP.

However, there’s an alternative to Apache, called Nginx. It provides better performances and it is chosen by the creators of WordPress for their sites. Even websites like Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Yahoo! and YouTube have preferred Nginx. Why is your hoster still offering Apache then?

Nginx is an alternative web server of Russian origin, programmed with the aim of overcoming some limitations Apache has, even if it is historic. Nginx improves performances especially regarding response time and web request processing. All of this means a remarkable advantage with regards to SEO and helps your ranking and website’s google SERP positioning.

Not enough? Nginx provides full web server scalability and has natively a cache system for static files.

Otherworldly technologies

Now you know what Nginx is. Perhaps you want to ask your hoster why you are still using Apache, as well. We are halfway there. Unfortunately, we have to tell you that you need something more. Nginx needs further help sometimes, this is why we have decided to unleash its power:


PHP7 is the latest version of PHP, rewritten from beginning to end with only one goal: speed. If you were to update your server from PHP5 to PHP7 your WordPress website would double its speed.


Memcached,  Pagespeed module, APCPU, FastCGI FPM, WP Super Cache, CloudFlare: each technology is synergic to the other so they reach the perfect coexistence and achieve as little TTFB (time to first byte) as possible.


We reach the highest standards, using exclusively HTTPS and HTTP/2 connections. All of our servers are provided with antivirus softwares, antispam and regular backups on several archives.

What is New Horizons?

New Horizons is the fastest spaceship ever built. It has reached Pluto at a speed of 58,388 km/h. Its speed is due not only to the engines but also to the “swing-by” effect provided by Jupiter’s orbit.

We have designed a server infrastructure following this philosophy, making it strong in its resources and, above all, efficient. We have optimized every single feature of our servers to achieve an important goal: highest speed and security standards for WordPress.


Why choosing New Horizons?

At the roots of New Horizons there’s the private cloud architecture we have chosen as a technological basis for our services.

A private cloud is a particular kind of computing cloud which provides for a distinct, safe and cloud-based space. Private clouds offer computing power in a virtual space. They use the underlying physical computing resources that are always available and dedicated in order to offer higher control and the utmost privacy.

Our cloud is powered by devices/processors with 8 CPU, 30GB of RAM and 600GB of disk space that are SATA HDD/SSD hybrid and Enterprise class.

New Horizons is an entirely managed service for your server infrastructure uncompromisingly built with industry leaders: Citrix Xenserver and Plesk.

Citrix XenServer is the main platform for optimized virtualization managing for server virtualization infrastructures. It allows consolidation and offers under load performances and scalability.

Plesk is the leading platform for WebOps for app, website and enterprise portal use, automatization and scalation.

A powerful server isn’t necessarily a fast server. We have built an optimized infrastructure in order to make the most of the power of our servers.

New Horizons is a hosting server equipped with the latest version of PHP7 and NGINX. Wordpress’s creators have chosen the same technologies, but you won’t find it in any other common hoster. In order to have access to New Horizon you will have to take a quality and compatibility test because the safety of our infrastructure is essential to us. Are you already one of our clients? Don’t worry, then. All of the sites we develop are compatible with PHP7 and NGNIX and  ready to unlock their power.

Virtual server security and data integrity are our priorities. No one in our company has access to the hypervisor system of the virtual servers and the NAS/SAN systems dedicated to data storage, where snapshots and backups are located. This is how we offer the highest standard security.

All of the procedures that involve financial transitions use PCI certified gateways.

All the communication internal and external to data centers are carried out through SSL (HTTPS), for both web public services and APIs (application programming interface). We use SSH technology with asymmetric cryptography keys to access servers.

Snapshots and backups (images) are saved in an internal place to which public doesn’t have access. NAS/SAN servers are subjected to specific access policies and isolated from the Internet. Moreover, snapshots are sent to various geographical areas in order to increase files’ geographical redundancy.

Customer care will be available at every stage of your journey with us. A person from our team will help you and answer your questions by email, phone call or our dedicated assistance portal.

That’s not all: aside from being you server supplier, we are also a web marketing agency and a software house. Our support not only guarantees that the server is functioning, there’s more. We mind everything that concerns you: we follow you in each aspect of your online presence and take care of everything. From a WordPress bug to restyling your website; from introducing new business processes to shaping your brand identity and much more.

Cos’altro aggiungere?


Non ci siamo dimenticati di dirti che ogni nostro hosting è dotato delle più moderne versioni di MySQL, che ogni sito è automaticamente certificato HTTPS ed SSL con Let’s Encrypt, che monitoriamo attivamente i nostri server, il nostro uptime e che ti segnaleremo pro-attivamente quando dovresti effettuare un aggiornamento dei plugin o di WordPress ed, infine, le tue email saranno certificate anti spam con la tecnologia SPF, DKIM e DMARC.


Ci sarebbe molto ancora da dire ma ti invitiamo a metterci alla prova. Contattaci per una consulenza gratuita, per capire se il tuo sito è pronto ad entrare nella galassia del nostro private cloud WordPress o se possiamo aiutarti a capire assieme quali sono i tuoi attuali limiti e a superarli. Siamo fiduciosi di poterti convincere con una chiaccherata e con un buon caffé.